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Most Frequently Asked Questions  FAQs


Should I get my roof restoration done before or after gutters installed ?
The best way is to get the cleaning done but not the painting or pointing . This must be done after new guttering is installed to get a great looking job.

Is there a gutter on the market that has a high back and low front to stop water
overflowing the back and in to the eaves ?

Yes Ogee gutter has a high back 95mm and lower front 85mm , If any downpipe blockages occur the water would overflow the front of the gutter and on to the ground .

What causes gutters to overflow ?
Blocked drains or downpipes , not enough downpipes or they are too small , gutter sloping wrong way .

How long will it take to install my gutters and downpipes ?
Usually in one day. It depends on how many metres you have on your house and what type of gutters .

How do I choose between colour bond or aluminium guttering ?
Well this is more a personal taste. Both have lots of colours to choose from .Aluminium will not rust and has a high back , colour bond is stronger for leaning a ladder on

We both work .Does someone have to be home when installation is taking place ?
No. All work is done from the outside and all the tools we use are cordless .The only requirement is access around the yard.

Price how much does it cost to have gutters replaced ?
Well it depends on what style of gutter you have , how many downpipes and how meny metres there are . So not to milead you with guesses ,we give free on site quotes six days a week.

Can we have leaf screen installed to some gutters only not all ?
Not a good thing to do if gutters are joined at the corners water will wash the leaves under the leaf guard and you would have problems removing them, If single runs of gutters its ok .

Leaf Guards:

What is the difference between aluminium and H.D.P.E plastic mesh?
They both do the same job keeping out leaves but the main difference is the aluminium is fireproof, whereas the H.D.P.E would melt if burning embers landed on it.

What is the fire rating on the aluminium mesh?
It is compliant with Australian bushfire guidelines - AS3959 and has been tested to AS1530.2 with a flammable index of 0. Which is required by all councils for homes in bushfire prone areas. Our mesh has been tested by the C.S.I.R.O for Australian climatic conditions -  click here more more details.

Can leaf screen be fitted to both tile and metal roofs? How is it fitted?
Yes. It can be fitted to most roofs. Click here for more details on fittings.

What is the life span of the mesh?
Both have the same expectancy of around twenty years (the H.D.P.E mesh has a high UV carbon content).

How much does it cost?
Not many homes are the same size or shape. It depends on the construction of your house, the roof pitch, type of roof used and also the height. That's why we give free, no obligation, on site quotes six days a week.

Does it need any attention once its installed?
Yes. No leaf screen or gutter guard should be considered 100% maintenance free. We recommend you have your gutter system inspected every two to three years, particularly in heavy treed areas, to ensure there is no mulch build-up if leaves are not blown off the roof by the wind.