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Installation of Gutter Guards and Leaf Guards

Leaf Guard is a Gutter Guard that stops leaves and twigs from getting inside your gutters, valleys and downpipes. This innovative product is made from high density polyethelene (HDPE) OR aluminium which is fireproof with a flammability index of 0. Both will keep your gutters flowing freely for many years.

Installation process:

Firstly we clean out all your gutters, valleys and downpipes. We then attach the gutter guard to the front edge of your gutters using a coloured 12x12 trim and self tapping screws. The mesh is then placed over the first row and under the second row of tiles OR on a metal roof it is fixed down with coloured saddles and screws.

Great reasons to consider installing Gutter Guard and Leaf Guards:

  • Gone is the dangerous task of cleaning your house guttering
  • No more acid from gum leaves damaging gutters or fowling rain water tanks.
  • Helps prevent water damage inside your home
  • Prolongs life of gutters and downpipes
  • Prevents vermin from entry through roof cavities
  • Reduces bushfire hazards
  • Colour mesh to match your roof tiles
  • Greatly improves quality & quantity of catchment for your water tanks
  • 15 year product warranty for Aluminium and 10 years for HDPE Poly,
  • 7 year installation warranty

Shows how our mesh blends in with
old roof tiles or new.

Leaf screen fixed down with colourbond
saddles on metal roof.

Fine Mesh used to keep out
Jacaranda Leaves and Pine Needles

Gutter guard or leaf guard installation
Looking down from above shows how no leaf debris can enter your gutter or valleys.

works like a ski slope